Marketing & Sales

Because being a “best kept secret” is not a good thing.

TCS performs a full audit and evaluation of our clients’ current sales, marketing, and communication tools and processes. TCS then combines the results of this audit with our proven sales and marketing strategies to develop a successful game plan for moving forward. Our collaborative process discovers each facility’s unique identity and messaging, as well as the best ways to share it. TCS can also provide regular oversight to ensure that all is progressing as it should.

Phase 1 – Initial Due Diligence, Work Product, and Delivery
Phase 2 – Optional Extended Services to Offer Guidance on Phase 1 Work (6-month minimum)
All TCS pricing based on customized project scope.

Services Include: 
Sales & Marketing Review
  • Ownership Goals and Objectives Assessment
  • Sales & Marketing Property Audit
  •  Web and Online Search Audit
  • Property Social Media Review
Sales Strategy Creation
  • Define Scope
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Personnel Review

Sales & Marketing Business Plan 

Property Assessment Report and  Recommendations